Monday, 21 May 2012

Declan Psoriasis.


Full Name: 
Declan Uriah Psoriasis I

'Tyrannosaurus' Psoriasis

Date of Birth:

Place of Birth (Current Residence): 
Eugene, Oregon (Lawrence, Kansas)

Club Team: 
Lawrence Quasi-Beavers BC

BAFBA Boules Debut:

Favoured Technique: 
'The Salamander' - Psoriasis pauses and stoops before launching an unusual double-fisted winkle

BAFBA Tour Titles: 

Greatest Boules Achievement:
Somehow managing to find his 2nd nebula, in unforgiving undergrowth (underneath some discarded fast food), during a wretched opening round at The Camembert Country Club Invitational in early 2012.

Favourite Venue: 
Tiddlehampton Rectory, Tiddlehampton

Least Favourite Venue: 
Camembert Country Club, Texas (see above)

He says... : 
"I have so much to give, but so much to learn..."

They say... :
"He has so much to learn".

Did you know...?: 
Psoriasis once ate porridge for dinner, apparently mistaking it for leek and potato soup. 
Psoriasis is allergic to porridge, and required 4 stitches.


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