Sunday, 20 May 2012

Polly Skiboots.


Full Name:
Polly Harvey Oswald Skiboots 

'The Biggle Beagle'

Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:
Biggle, California 

Current Residence:

Club Team:
WUBs (Wooville University Beagles)

BAFBA Boules Debut:

Favoured Technique/Signature moves:
'The Wurlitzer', whereby Skiboots gibbers and pops as she prances and spins her way towards delivery of the schwere kugel.

BAFBA Tour Titles:

Greatest Boules Achievement:
Winning her very first tournament at the inaugural North Korean Metropolitan Congretional in 2011 with an aggressive 'Wurlitzer' winkle finish which famously brought her opponent, the experienced Rambert Valentine, to tears.  

Favourite Venue:
Pyongyang Metropolitan Public Baths

She says... : 
"I am a bilingual Boulista - I do English and profanity"

They say... :
"Skiboots is a dangerous and formidable opponent - she's like a tiny Godzilla with flip-flops"

Did you know...?:
Polly Skiboots is an amateur cryptozoologist.
She also enjoys reading Jilly Cooper books, as she is a big fan of 'gritty urban non-fiction'.


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