Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Pocket Kath Memorial Trophy (August 2012).


The Pocket Kath Memorial Trophy kicked off yesterday amidst chaotic scenes at the Yeovil Aerodrome. 

Following the withdrawal of 8-time champion Chastity Darling (shingles) and Intercontinental champion Chiswick Park (metartarsal), the event certainly seemed to lack enough pulling power to guarantee a good attendance, and soon descended into heightened confusion, before inevitable bedlam.

In happenings reminiscent of last year's debacle at the ‘Corby Masters’, Wearside's Tam 'Coughing Buck' Buchanan unwisely renewed his war of words with BAFBA Secretary, Cahill Morgue - a scuffle ensued and Morgue received a slap to the balls. 

With Buchanan disqualified for mal-handage, the afternoon then turned sour for rookie Ahmed Loe, who was fined for setting his alsatian dog “Cupid” onto fellow participant Dr Miguel Umgh. 

Play was suspended indefinitely, as staff strained to prevent the looting of local off-licenses by supporters and their parents.


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