Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Huew Wiseman.


Full Name: 
Huew De Saville Wisemann IV

'The Cardinal'

Date of Birth:

Place of Birth (Current Residence): 
Gerney Bar, Wales (Kipborn)

Club Team: 
'The Bishop's Hammock Public House Avengers' (now defunct)

BAFBA Boules Debut:

Favoured Technique: 
'The Hanging Basket' - a move inspired by his country residence in Kipborn.

BAFBA Tour Titles: 

Greatest Boules Achievement:
Qualifying for 'The Quernfield Vase Trophy' in 1992

Favourite Venue: 

Least Favourite Venue: 
Roxmill Cottage

He says... : 
"They put powder in my schnapps, and promised to take me beyond the atrium"

They say... :
"Wiseman folded like a house of cards"

Did you know...?: 
Wiseman holds the unenviable distinction of being the only player in BAFBA history to register 'nil points' - in a Best of 5-Bastards Championship game at the 'Roxmill Cottage Matchplay' in 1993.
The 0-21, 0-21, 0-21 thrashing, in little over 25 minutes, by Humberside rookie Gibson 'The Monkey Wrench' Otterwas the first of its kind. 
It was later claimed (unsuccessfully, by Wiseman himself) that he had been drugged in the evening before the match, by a member of Otter's loyal fanbase, the 'Ottettes'. 
Although no official retirement has been announced, Wiseman has not appeared on the circuit since the incident.


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