Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Cahill Morgue - BAFBA Secretary.


A rare photo of Morgue, circa 1979

Cahill Emery St.Loovens Morgue (b.1956, in Mickle, East Lancs.) has been General Secretary of BAFBA since the embezzlement tribunal, and subsequent dismissal, of 'Smokey' Joe Kauffman in 1980.

An outspoken advocate of the unique (now banned) run-and-throw technique known as "The Hubert Parry Lunge", which is very similar to that of a javelin thrower, Morgue allegedly first played 'regulation boules' in 1970.

Having won numerous trophies, displaying remarkable physical strength and stamina, he was then given a life ban from professional competition after failing a drugs test in 1979.

Forced to abandon his regular throwing action due to persistent calf trouble and pressure from local government officials, Morgue refined his gameplan and was welcomed as a BAFBA member in 1979, where he became an instant hit with fans - largely due to his pragmatic verbal jousting with opponents.

To be furthered...


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